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We are a trading company that aspires to provide honest, reliable and professional services by combining our expertise & knowledge of the local market and financial resources to facilitate a smooth fiow of goods from the producers to the consumers, thereby creating a win-win relationship.



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Sudanese Sorghum ( DURA )

we have exported hundreds of thousands of tons to Europe, middle East, & Japan all exported quantities have earned our customers praise and certainly their satisfaction and they prefer it when compared with other origins.
Always freshly packed, and is not treated by chemicals harmful to human beings and animals during all stages of production. In brief Sudanese White Sorghum is the ideal animal feed grains whenever the prices of your locally produced grains go up.

Why Us?

To Our Customer, We Promise to

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    Serve them at a level that meets and exceeds their expectation.

  • Reach out

    Reach out and get ever closer to them wherever they are.

  • Invest

    Invest into the development of our mutual business.

  • Achieve their needs

    Strive to understand, anticipate and fulfill their needs.

  • Fairness and respect

    Build a long prosperous partnership characterized by fairness and respect.

  • Help them

    Help our partners to achieve their own market and business objectives.

We are a trading company that aspires to provide honest. Need more? Feel free to contact us.

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